Our vision for parents

You are the backbone of discipleship for your student. Our understanding by Scripture is that the primary disciplers of students are their parents. Our hope is to come along side you and help in any way we can to make sure your student is discipled, loved, and cared for. We focus on pointing students to Jesus through the Gospel. This is our mission and passion. 

If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns, we are always here to help and pray for you. You can email Jarrett Fix (Student Pastor) at jarrett@ccbchurch.org.


We strive to have goals and to move towards them. The ministries met together and prayed over what we believed God wanted us to work towards during different stages in spiritual growth. For the Student Ministry, these milestones and goals are outlined as follows.

Middle School

- Develop a passionate love of Jesus and the Gospel

- Memorize scripture that will assist in sharing the Gospel

- Learn to share the Gospel clearly and effectively

- Develop healthy spiritual habits including

                        a personal devotion time, service toward others,

                        a heart for the lost, compassion for those in need,

                        a healthy view of the believers position before God.


High School

- Continue the goals from middle school and add:

- Memorize Scripture in larger increments (Chapters)

- Be regularly involved in serving others

- Develop character that is consistent with Scripture

- Study some elements of Christian apologetics to

                        have a healthy framework for subjects like:

                        the existence of God, the messiah-ship of Christ,

                        the inerrancy of scripture, the sovereignty of God, etc.

- Develop personal humility

- Develop personal holiness in action and in speech

- Be able to effectively share the Gospel and their testimony

- Be able to defend their faith against common attacks to the faith